Happy Birthday, Rajon Rondo

Happy 26th, Rajon!

Ever since Rajon Rondo entered the NBA as the 21st Draft Pick by the Phoenix Suns (traded later that night to the Boston Celtics), the 6'4" lead guard has proven doubters wrong while winning over believers. 

With an unorthodox, sly game that is predicated on smothering ball-pressure defense, beating defenders off the bounce, hitting tough (and once again, unorthodox) lay-ups in the paint and hitting his teammates with fresh passes in positions to score the basketball, Rondo has become one of the most unique players in the League. 

With these things in mind, we wanted to wish Rajon Rondo a Happy, Happy 26th birthday!

From Oak Hill to Kentucky to Boston, Rajon Rondo has certainly made his impact felt. Hopefully, his team can find a way to come up with a W tonight against the Oklahoma City Thunder, as Rondo will be forced to watch from the sidelines after being suspended for throwing the ball at a referee in his last game against the Detroit Pistons.

by Jeremy Bauman February 22, 2012 11:23am ET
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