STATION 13: Miami Heat Rise To The Occasion

Miami was in control from start to finish last night

It's the last game before the NBA All-Star break. 

The New York Knicks are one of the hottest, most buzz-worthy teams in the NBA, but the Miami Heat are scorching hot.

Having won seven in a row by double-figures, it seemed as if the Heat wanted to send a message to everyone around the league before the festivities were underway in Orlando. 

Miami played their usual smothering, pressure defense and forced the Knicks newly minted star Jeremy Lin into the worst game he's had as a starter in New York. 

There's an important lesson that everyone can learn from this game: NEVER take your foot off the gas pedal - especially right before a break in the action. 

It was clear that the Heat came into this game with the same fervor that they went into the previous seven games, and it paid off. 

by Jeremy Bauman February 24, 2012 11:00am ET
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