5 Star To Watch: Rank Him Or Not, Sedrick Barefield Is Ballin'

Compton Magic's point guard lets his game speak for itself

by Terrence Watson March 7, 2013 10:37am ET

You know that "kid" coaches always use as an example to motivate players who don't work hard? You've heard this before: somewhere, there's a kid working every day to get better and one day he's going to pass your skill-level if you don't work. Well, Sedrick Barefiled is that kid coach warned you about. 

Always on the scene but seldom talked about, Barefield was seen as someone other players respected. With the release of the new Rivals.com rankings yesterday, it seems the experts now recognize the young guards game too. Think that swayed Sed's approach to the game? Read below to find out.

The new Rivals 150 rankings for class of 2015 came out yestertoday and you’re now a top 40 prospect. Does that make you feel more validated as a player?

Not at all. I dont base my game off of what other people think. its cool to be considered in that top 40, but I'm focused on getting in the gym and getting better everyday. 

Do you have a “what took you guys so long to notice me?” feel or would you not have cared either way if you weren't mentioned?

A little bit. I feel like i’ve worked hard for a long time and its cool to get recognized, but i can move up a lot higher. 

At what point would you say you had your breakout moment, meaning you noticed the increase in letters, offers and scouts talking to you?

Probably last summer when we [Compton Magic] went to Indiana for the Adidas Invitational and i did pretty good. Scouts wanted to interview me after the games and coaches started talking to me. 

Is the bar raised now? 

No, I’m going to keep doing what I do. Im not getting caught up on other people watching me, I just get in the gym everday and try to get better so i can dominate. 

We asked Stephen Zimmerman a similar question, but want to hear your answer. If you had to coach a starting five from any of the players in your class [2015], excluding yourself, who would you pick? 

Stephen and Ivan [Rabb]in the post, Cameron Walker at the three, Malik Newman at 2 and at the one (laughs) I don't know man, (pause) probably Marcus LoVett. 

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