Dunk Dog wins 14U Rumble in the Bronx

Holds off No. 2 Team SCAN

by Russell Steinberg June 3, 2012 8:08pm ET
Nikki Boertman
Khalea Turner was named MVP as Dunk Dog took home the Rumble in the Bronx championship.

Three days, six games and a grueling bracket later, Dunk Dog is the 2012 14U Rumble in the Bronx champion.  

2016 prospect Khalea Turner was named MVP as he and his Louisiana club steamrolled the competition in pool play, then got the best of the New York-based home teams en route to the championship, reinforcing Dunk Dog’s spot atop the 14U Power Rankings.

Malik Crowfield, MVP of last week’s championship at Super 60, was also crucial to Dunk Dog’s success, and has been all year.

Sunday’s tournament games, however, presented a challenge. In the quarterfinals, CIA Bounce stuck with Dunk Dog for the entire game, with Dunk Dog pulling out a 66-65 win in an early 9:15 matchup at John Jay College, the site for all of Dunk Dog's Rumble in the Bronx games. Just hours later, they had to face the Riverside Hawks, and they barely survived that one as well, winning by three.

Those two close wins set up the championship game that everyone had hoped for. When Dunk Dog coach Gabe Corchiani initially signed his team up for the tournament, he first made sure that No. 2 Team SCAN would be playing in it as well. As it turns out, SCAN defeated the Emerald City Hoopstars in the quarterfinals and the New York Gauchos in the semifinals to set up a No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchup for the championship.

And this one was close all the way.

Team SCAN held a slim lead through much of the second half, but a quick 5-0 run from Dunk Dog gave them the lead and the momentum back. Free throws in the closing moments sealed it, and Dunk Dog came away with the win, 69-61.

Now, with two wins over No. 4 Team Penny and one over current No. 2 Team SCAN, Dunk Dog has defeated two top-five teams. 

Other Rumble in the Bronx winners:

Boys 11U: CIA Bounce
Boys 12U: New Rens
Boys 13U: Miami City Ballers
Girls 13U: Albany Lady Falcons
Girls 14U: NJ Sparks
Girls 15U: Exodus Gold
Girls 16U: Philly Freedom Stars

Next Week: Boys 15U-17U age groups

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