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Sometimes retweets aren't enough

September 9, 2011 1:47pm ET
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Claiming over 100 million active users, Twitter's become a social staple for the masses. And the basketball community's no exception. It's a stream of goodness, dare you try to keep up with all the players, coaches, scouts, fans and the media. It's a tough job, but we love it. So much so, that each Friday we're round up our favorite micro-messages to help you get through the weekend. Cool? 

Deuce Bello (@deucebello): "my effort is contagious" - wale

Alan Stein (@AlanStein): Seven days without strength training makes one WEAK.

Jabari Parker (@JabariParker22): I think Amare Stoudemire plays like Moses Malone....

Steve Smith (@OHACoachSmith): With 8 seniors being recruited by Div. 1 schools, the traffic in Mouth of Wilson will pick up tomorrow!

Amir Garrett (@Amir_Garrett): I'm #GED (grinding every day)

Jarnell Stokes (@JarnellStokes): 5 am workouts starting back tomorrow!

Isaiah Austin (@Isaiah Austin): Momz brought me a blizzard home and it's snickers! *dougies down the hallway*

Jay Bilas (@JayBilas): The flow's so cold and I'm so cool. I gotta go to work.

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