The NBA is Back: Past Meets Present

NBA's stars of the future meet the League's historic past

The NBA is BACK!!! We don't have to say much to jump-start your excitement—you've been waiting for this for an extra two months this year. 

At Five-Star Basketball, we appreciate the past as much as we do the present, which is why the video above is amazing. 

LeBron James taking on Oscar Robertson? Yup.

Stockton matching up with Deron Williams? Check.

Bill Russell standing next to Spike Lee? Ummhmm.

Larry Bird and Dirk going at it? You know it.

This video might give you the chills—it's what the NBA is all about; the skillful and flavorful past meeting the stars and potential of the future. 

Without further ado, your 2011-12 NBA season—enjoy!

by Jeremy Bauman December 25, 2011 1:26pm ET
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