STATION 13: In The Clutch With Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher is as clutch as it gets - and clutch is everything

Kobe Bryant had been on fire for eight games prior to this one - now he's 7-22 in the fourth quarter with 9.9 seconds to go in a 70-70 game against the defending World Champions, the Dallas Mavericks, late on Martin Luther King Day. 

All eyes are on Bryant - one of the most clutch players in the game. 

He catches Derek Fisher's inbounds pass near mid-court and takes three dribbles until he's at the top of the key - the Black Mamba is threatening to attack. 

Then, almost inexplicably, the Mavericks Jason Terry - who is guarding Derek Fisher on the right wing - leaves his man and attempts to double Bryant just as he's getting into rhythm with the ball. 

Kobe instantly recognizes the double-team, proceeds to feed Fisher the ball with an overhead pass and Fisher nails the long, game winning triple. 

Derek Fisher has hit many big shots throughout his career - so many that it has become second nature.

"This is my job," stated Fisher after the game with TNT's always-colorful Craig Sager. "This is what I do." 

As Fisher points out, this is his job - what he does. He believes that he is supposed to knock down big shot after big shot, which is just as important as the repeated jumpers he takes in the gym every single day. 

The question for you is this: Do you believe you're going to knock down the game winner? 

The answer should be a resounding 'YES.'

Here are a few more clutch shots that D-Fish has hit in his storied, five-ring, 16 season career. 

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by Jeremy Bauman January 29, 2012 3:45pm ET
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