Become a passer like Rajon Rondo

Learn how to better distribute the ball from one of the NBA's best

February 22, 2012 12:12pm ET
Boston Globe
Boston's Rajon Rondo surveys the offense to see what type of opportunities he can create.

The Boston Celtics' wiry floor leader, Rajon Rondo, tallied over 850 dimes last season, finishing second in the entire league behind Steve Nash with an average of 11.2 assists per contest.

Rondo also posted a healthy 3.23 assist-to-turnover ratio, meaning he only coughed up the ball once for every 3.23 assists that he doled out. That's why he's a two-time All-Star and 2008 NBA Champion. 

And now Rondo's dishing out his personal passing advice in a new Nike Basketball training series. So, why not learn from the best?

Get that notebook out and take in this informative four-part series with one of the League's best assist men, covering everything from delivering post entry passes to creating scoring options off the pick and roll. 

And while you're at it, let us know what your favorite type of pass is down below in the comments. 

Lesson 1: Penetrate and kick - draw defenders and hit open teammate on the perimeter

Lesson 2: Pick-and-roll passing

Lesson 3: Post entry passing - Feeding your teammate on the low-block

Lesson 4: Thread passing - Learning to pass between defenders

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