Superman In Dream School

Viewing Dwight Howard learn from Hakeem 'The Dream' is priceless.

There is no question that Dwight Howard is the most dominant center in today's NBA. At 26 years old, Howard has the potential to grow into an even greater presence in the post on the offensive end. 

Enter former Houston Rockets 2-Time NBA Champion, Hakeem Olajuwon

Hands down the most skilled center in NBA history, Hakeem tantalized opponents with fade-away jumpers and his patented "Dream Shake" with regularity. Even though he's listed at 7'-tall, in reality Hakeem is closer to 6'10", which is one of the reasons he knew to create his own unique skill-set in the post. 

Having been retired for quite some time now, Hakeem has been putting his knowledge to the test in recent years; he has tutored current players (including Kobe Bryant) during the summer time.

This summer The Dream took Superman to school, teaching him how to become a "complete player," amongst other invaluable lessons. 

"We could be in here for five hours and not learn nothin'," explains Howard. "But it's just the small, little details—what pivot foot to use, how to set up a little 'Dream Shake.'"

Details matter: Even Superman has to pay acute attention to them. 

by Jeremy Bauman March 15, 2012 1:07pm ET
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