STATION 13: Court Awareness

Knowing where your teammates are is vital to success

The ball is stolen. LeBron shifts directions and heads up-court to the offensive end.

Mario Chalmers' alley-oop is over-thrown. As nimble and athletic as he is, LBJ isn't dunking this one...

Good thing he already had a back-up plan before he took of—he saw teammate and fellow NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade streaking hard to the rim out of the corner of his eye—and dimed him with a quick touch pass for an easy two. 

The benefits of court awareness are endless. In this case, it's finding a teammate for two points. Defensively, it could be knowing when to apply that pressure at the right time or when to step in for a charge—but it all comes back to having confidence in what should be done to win the game.

The more you play, the more aware you become and the more confident you will be in your surroundings on the court.

Bottom line? Mentally, never take a play off.

Click 'Play' above to check out (one of many) of the Heat tandem's highlights from opening night. 


by Jeremy Bauman December 26, 2011 12:18pm ET
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