Five-Star Top 25: 17U: May 18, 2011

Several top teams take the weekend off, but Indiana Elite tumble

Mid-May is an odd time for the travel circuit. There are fewer big-time events, and many programs use the two weekends ahead of Memorial Day to get some rest in advance of major battles. But other teams venture out to smaller venues or local competitions, putting their ranking on the line. That was the case for Indiana Elite, which lost in the weekend's biggest event, the Adidas May Classic. Of course, these weeks give other programs the chance to pick up ground on the field, which the Wisconsin Playground Warriors did by winning in Bloomington. They're back in the rankings, because while some teams rest, the Five-Star Top 25 never does.

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Rank Prev Team Comments
1 1 none
Washington, D.C.
Still unbeaten, they're off until Memorial Weekend when they head to L.A. for the third EYBL session.
2 2 none
Houston, Texas
They won't play until Memorial Weekend as well in New Orleans, but the Harrison twins and Derrick Griffin will head to Vegas for Adidas Nations this weekend.
3 3 none
Memphis, Tenn.
Won their five sub-state games by an average of 40 points, and Shaq Goodwin is confirmed as part of their roster for EYBL L.A.
4 4 none
Boston, Mass.
Off this past weekend, they'll play for the state championship next.
5 5 none
Oakland, Calif.
Their event in Las Vegas was cancelled, so they won't get back on the court until the next EYBL session.
6 6 none
Houston, Tex.
Yet another team that was off, the Hoops have a legit shot of ending up 14-1 in EYBL play, looking at their upcoming schedule.
7 7 none
Springfield, Mass.
Yet another team that's off until Memorial Day, we'll see how they stacked up against a reduced field at the T.O.C.
8 8 none
Las Vegas, Nev.
Finally, a team that took the court! Shabazz Muhammad and Co. took care of business, winning the EBO tourney in California.
9 9 none
Took the weekend off from the circuit but not hoops, as they competed in IS-8 in New York.
10 10 none
Brampton, Ontario
The Canadian squad is off until EYBL Los Angeles, where they'll face a big-time showdown against the NJ Playaz.
11 11 none
Norcross, Ga.
Still basking in their home-state dominance after their two wins against the Atlanta Celtics, they'll test themselves next in L.A. over Memorial Day.
12 12 none
Hartford, Conn.
Despite missing Andre Drummond, CBC took care of business to win the Hall of Fame Spring Classic.
13 13 none
Atlanta, Ga.
The latest roster shift has Solomon Poole moving back to the 16s, and Shaq Goodwin and Kyle Meyer used their bye week to hoop with the Atlanta Highlights.
14 14 none
Des Moines, Iowa
The winning streak goes on, as All-Iowa Attack won their state qualifier for Nationals, and will now start preparing for the third EYBL session.
15 15 none
Milwaukee, Wis.
Enjoyed a well-earned weekend off, but will take the court this weekend in Milwaukee for the NY2LA tourney.
16 17 up
West Hempstead, N.Y.
Their schedule is up in the air; off until Memorial Day, and no longer sure if they're headed to the Bob Gibbons T.O.C. due to the reduced field.
17 18 up
Columbus, Ohio
After a weekend off, they'll host their own event in Columbus starting Friday.
18 19 up
New York, N.Y.
Like the NJ Playaz, they used their weekend off from the circuit to compete against top players in IS-8.
19 20 up
Hampton, Va.
Another team in the midst of a mid-May break, they'll have a fight for Peach Jam on the line in L.A. coming up.
20 21 up
Phoenix, Ariz.
They'll get back into action this week in the Southwest Summer Showcase.
21 23 up
Fort Wayne, Ind.
D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera and his talented teammates need to use their time off to grow before EYBL.
22 24 up
Houston, Tex.
At 40-1, they hope to continue climbing the rankings with Isaiah Austin on board. Next up: Memorial Weekend in Chicago.
23 16 down
Indianapolis, Ind.
Lost to Baylor Basketball at the Adidas May Classic as Demetrius Floyd went for 43 against them. Still, they're missing key players and could rise as quickly as they've fallen.
24 25 up
Chicago, Ill.
With two weeks in a row off, the team should have time to adjust to Jabari Parker and put forth a better showing in Los Angeles.
25 up
They're back in the rankings after beating the Eric Gordon All-Stars en route to winning the Adidas May Classic in Bloomington.

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