Five-Star Top 25: 17U: June 1, 2011

Memorial Day tournaments lead to a big shakeup in the Top 10

With nearly every team in action this past Memorial Day weekend, in events all around the country, there were plenty of statement wins and upsets to go around. With June here and the weather getting hotter, things on the circuit will only follow suit.

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Rank Prev Team Comments
1 1 none
Washington, D.C.
There can't be any argument here. Takeover posted another perfect EYBL session to finish the regular season at 15-0 — the lone undefeated team in the league.
2 4 up
Boston, Mass.
The Boston Boyz went 5-0 in L.A. to finish EYBL play at 14-1; this past weekend's results included a big win over No. 14 Mac Irvin.
3 5 up
Oakland, Calif.
The "other" 14-1 EYBL team still has just that lone loss to Team Takeover and keeps getting stronger; they've added Isaac Hamilton to an absurdly deep crew.
4 3 down
Memphis, Tenn.
Their steamrolling run toward the top of the standings was halted by the No. 14 Mac Irvin Fire in L.A., but the Real Deal champs are still 13-2 in EYBL play and are incredibly talented.
5 2 down
Houston, Texas
They'd looked every bit as dominant as Team Takeover before this weekend, but ran into a stone wall in New Orleans, losing to the host New Orleans Elite.
6 8 up
Las Vegas, Nev.
While the rest of the nation's best teams beat each other up this past weekend, Shabazz Muhammad, Robert Upshaw and Co. rested, knowing they have the talent to compete against anyone.
7 10 up
Brampton, Ontario
A big weekend in L.A. has Canada's finest at their high-water mark for the season. Their 93-91 double-OT win over Boo Williams was a war, and they wrapped things up by beating the N.J. Playaz by 11.
8 12 up
Hartford, Conn.
Now here's a dangerous club. CBC is red-hot and sports arguably the nation's best player in Andre Drummond. They added the Memorial Day Invitational title to their trophy case, beating New Heights in the final.
9 11 up
Norcross, Ga.
Who would have thought that they'd emerge as the top team in Georgia? The Stars have been exactly that, though, and only a loss to All-Iowa Attack spoiled an otherwise perfect weekend in L.A.
10 16 up
Milwaukee, Wis.
These underrated guys from Milwaukee just keep rising, finally cracking the Top 10 after winning the Best Buy Classic in Chicago.
11 9 down
Finished a strong spring by tying for second with the Georgia Stars in EYBL's Division C with an 11-4 record. Their play outside EYBL has added to their résumé.
12 6 down
Houston, Tex.
After a hot start, the guard-heavy team is in a bit of a funk. The Hoops lost twice in L.A., including a shocker to the Southern Kings. They won Division D at 12-3, but faced a relatively easy EYBL schedule.
13 7 down
Springfield, Mass.
Steady for most of the spring, but does a huge upset loss to the Riverside Hawks at the Memorial Day Invitational indicate that they lack firepower without Alex Murphy?
14 24 up
Chicago, Ill.
This week's biggest risers finally played to their talent level at EYBL. Jabari Parker is fully integrated, Jahlil Okafor lent a hand and the Fire went 4-1 in L.A., with wins over YOMCA and All-Ohio Red, and a lone loss to BABC.
15 14 down
Des Moines, Iowa
The weekend in L.A. was somewhat of a mixed bag; their win over the Georgia Stars was huge, but losses to Boo Williams and the New York Gauchos halted their momentum.
16 23 up
Indianapolis, Ind.
Another team whose talent is coming together, they reached the finals of the Best Buy Classic, beating Texas Pro along the way. Yogi Ferrell's heroics couldn't carry them past Terry Porter Elite, though.
17 17 none
Phoenix, Ariz.
Yes, they haven't played against the nation's elite teams, but here's the thing: They keep winning. The Magic captured their own Memorial Day tourney to stay hot.
18 22 up
Houston, Tex.
Although they lost in the semis in Chicago, they looked strong against good teams and took Indiana Elite down to the wire.
19 13 down
Atlanta, Ga.
It's been a long fall for the preseason No. 1, as they fell twice in Nawlins (including once to the Houston Defenders). The good news: They'll have Shaq Goodwin back, except for his YOMCA stint at Peach Jam.
20 18 down
West Hempstead, N.Y.
They were supposed to head to the Memorial Day Invitational against some of the Northeast's best teams, but with a number of players unavailable, they stayed home and picked up a win in the state tourney.
21 19 down
New York, N.Y.
The guys from New York played tough again, reaching the finals of the Memorial Day Invitational before losing to a tough CBC squad.
22 up
New Orleans, La.
Welcome to the Top 25! Their tourney title, including their big win against the Houston Defenders, put them on the map, but they've been strong all season.
23 15 down
Columbus, Ohio
L.A. was a trip to forget in an otherwise terrific season. They arrived in town 8-2 in EYBL play, but flew home just 9-6 after a 1-4 showing.
24 up
Baltimore, Md.
Another Top-25 newcomer, they enter the rankings on the strength of their 11-4 EYBL record and wins in L.A. over Houston Hoops and CP3 All-Stars.
25 20 down
Hampton, Va.
The return of Justin Anderson is big, but only a win over All-Iowa Attack kept them in the Top 25 after a 2-3 EYBL showing in L.A.

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