Five-Star Top 25: 16U: July 27, 2011

Super Showcase, Super 64, Fab 48 Shake up the rankings

The best in the nation laced 'em up again this week and the action at the Adidas Super 64, the Fab 48 and the Super Showcase provided plenty of shake-up in our latest Top 25.

*Please note that this week's rankings are based on games played thru Tuesday end of day and DO NOT include Wednesday's Orlando results.

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Rank Prev Team Comments
1 1 none
Boston, Mass.
Played up with 17Us at Super Showcase.
2 4 up
Brampton, Ontario
Bounce moves up in our rankings after winning the Super Showcase and recording big wins the Tennessee Tigers (watchlist), East Coast Elite, Memphis YOMCA 82-70, Gold Coast and Garner Road.
3 5 up
Indianapolis, Ind.
A strong showing at the Super 64 has EG10 moving up in our rankings. They knocked off the Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Dream Vision and Las Vegas Prospects as part of their strong Super 64 run without Colin Hartman.
4 3 down
Memphis, Tenn.
Memphis falls one spot after a tough loss to CIA Bounce in the quarterfinals of the Super Showcase. A strong win over CP3 All-Stars keeps them in the top 5.
5 7 up
Raleigh, N.C.
Garner Road has been very good all season with their final loss coming against No. 2 CIA Bounce. . Their run at Super Showcase featured a number of good wins, including one over Indiana Elite South.
6 6 none
Raleigh, N.C.
A four-point loss to YOMCA at Super Showcase shows that this is their right spot.
7 2 down
New York, N.Y.
New Heights was strong all season, but they fall a few spots after a subpar performance at Super 64 that lacked any marquee wins.
8 8 none
Philadelphia, Pa.
Team Final played well at Super Showcase, notching a big win over Nike Baltimore Elite before losing to Gold Coast in the quarterfinals.
9 9 none
Baltimore, Md.
They stay in the top 10 after a solid Super Showcase that ended with a respectable loss to No. 8 Team Final.
10 19 up
Newark, N.J.
Sports U continues to shoot up our rankings after winning the Fab 48. Their strongest win of the weekend came against No. 14 Mac Irvin Fire.
11 up
Kansas City, Mo.
KC Pump N' Run go from unranked to the verge of the Top-10 after taking Super 64, where they beat No. 3 EG10 in the finals. Kansas-bound Connor Frankamp was named MVP.
12 10 down
Chicago, Ill.
MeanStreets drops a few spots after a subpar Super Showcase then ended with them losing a close one to the Playaz-Red, 53-49.
13 13 none
Columbus, Ohio
After a long layoff Ohio Varsity showed very little rust at the Super Showcase. Good wins over Team United and Team Takeover keep them at No. 13, but a loss to Indiana Elite South in the quarterfinals prevents them from moving up in the rankings.
14 11 down
Chicago, Ill.
They drop a few spots after failing to dominate at the Fab 48. Losses to Sports U and the Arkansas Hawks also caused them to drop in the rankings.
15 15 none
West Hempstead, N.Y.
We won't penalize the Lightning for playing up with the 17s at the Fab 48. They lost to Grassroots Canada in the first round of playoffs.
16 12 down
Columbus, Ohio
Went 3-0 against feeble competition in Orlando before a 20-point thumping to Gold Coast in the playoffs.
17 14 down
Hampton, Va.
Boo Williams holds it down at No. 16 while some of the other top teams recorded big-time wins.
18 16 down
The 16Us playing up with the 17Us this week and fall two spots after an active week for many other teams.
19 up
NC XPress vaults into the Top 25 after a great showing at Super 64 where they beat No. 7 New Heights. Their magical run came to an end when they fell to the Eric Gordon All-Stars in the semis.
20 18 down
Atlanta, Ga.
Back at it this week at the Best of Summer in SoCal.
21 20 down
Seattle, Wash.
They made it to the quarterfinals of the Fab 48 where they lost to Sports U. Up next: the Best of Summer to end July.
22 up
Townsend, Del.
East Coast Elite stays in our Top 25 after a Super Showcase performance that included a solid win over The Ville. A loss to CIA Bounce keeps them in the Top 25.
23 22 down
Louisville, Ky.
The Ville remains stagnant in our rankings only because they were playing against lesser competition. They did still manage to win the Silver Championship at Super Showcase.
24 24 none
Washington, D.C.
Team Takeover stays locked in at No. 24 after a decent Super Showcase Run. A notable win over Wisconsin Playmakers balances out a respectable loss to No. 13 Ohio Varsity in the playoffs.
25 up
New Orleans, La.
Fleur De Lis cracks our Top 25 after winning Las Vegas Live and defeating Houston Hoops in the finals before beating Cali Supreme in the semis.

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