High School Power Rankings: Week 18: March 14, 2012

Teams remain stable as season approaches end.

This is the last bit of quiet before the storm. The Alhambra Catholic Invitational kicks off tomorrow and three ranked teams are participating - No. 8 Paul VI, No. 13. St. Benedict's, No. 24 DeMatha (previously ranked Gonzaga College is in too). Then the season will wrap up at the ESPN NHSI where No. 2 Findlay Prep, No. 12 La Lumiere, No. 14 Montrose Christian and No. 18 Montverde will all be battling. End of the season rankings are on the line.

Let the games begin.

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Rank Prev Team Comments
1 1 none
4-year traditional
Mouth of Wilson, VA

Record: 44-0
Key Wins: Prestonwood Christian, Grace Prep, La Lumiere, Paul VI, 
Weekly Report: The Warriors have completed their best season ever. Prestonwood Christian and Grace Prep are both state champs. If La Lumiere and Paul VI can finish the year undefeated, their case for No. 1 will be undebatable. 
Next Up: Season Complete

2 2 none
5th year/prep school
Wolfeboro, NH

Record: 33-1
Key Wins: Tilton (3x), New Hampton (3x), Notre Dame Prep (2x), Hargrave Military Academy, Northfield Mount Hermon
Key Losses: Northfield Mount Hermon
Weekly Report: If Findlay fails to win the ESPN NHSI, it's safe to assume Brewster will at least finish the season at No. 2. We can try to make a case for No. 1, but that late season loss to Northfield Mount Hermon stings. 
Next Up: Season Complete

3 3 none
4-year non-traditional
Henderson, NV

Record: 29-1
Key Wins: Simeon, Marcus, Bishop Gorman
Key Losses: La Lumiere
Weekly Report: The Pilots might have a chance to avenge their sole loss to La Lumiere at the ESPN event. They can vastly improve their resume with St. Benedict's, Montrose Christian and Montverde Academy all in the tourney field. 
Next Up: 3/29-31 at the ESPN National High School Invitational

4 4 none
4-year traditional
Jersey City, NJ

Record: 30-0
Key Wins: Huntington Prep, St. Benedict’s
Results: Beat Gil St. Bernard's, 67-39; beat Hudson Catholic, 53-30
Weekly Report: The Friars are almost allergic to losing. They scored two wins last week that led to a Non-Public B title. Next up is trying to defend the N.J. Tournament of Champions for a team that's on a 63-game winning streak. 
Next Up: 3/16 in Tournament of Champions

5 5 none
5th year/prep school
Chatham, Virg.

Record: 36-1
Key Wins: New Hampton, Northfield Mount Hermon
Key Losses: Brewster
Weekly Report: They only played two ranked teams this season, but the battle they gave the No. 2 Bobcats was enough for us to put the Tigers this high. The dominating win over New Hampton didn't hurt either.  
Next Up: Season Complete

6 6 none
4-year non-traditional
Huntington, WV

Record: 28-2
Key Losses: Tilton, St. Anthony
Weekly Report: The Express had a chance to move up in the rankings but are not allowed in the ESPN NHSI event because they are not recognized by the West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission. 
Next Up: Season Complete

7 7 none
4-year traditional
Chicago, Ill.

Record: 31-1
Key Wins: Whitney Young, Miller Grove, Southwind
Results: Beat Marist, 65-44; beat Evanston, 59-34
Weekly Report: Jabari Parker and company are two games away from another 4A state championship. An undefeated Proviso East team can be their foe in the championship game. 
Next Up: 3/16 vs. Bloom

8 8 none
4-year traditional
Fairfax, Va.

Record: 32-2
Key Wins: Gonzaga College, DeMatha (3x)
Key Losses: Oak Hill
Weekly Report: The Alhambra Catholic Invitational starts tomorrow and there is some heavy competition in play, including St. Benedict's, DeMatha and Gonzaga College.
Next Up: 3/15 vs. Bishop Walsh

9 9 none
5th year/prep school
Fitchburg, MA

Record: 20-7
Key Wins: St. Thomas More (2x), New Hampton
Key Losses: Tilton, Brewster
Weekly Report: One can only wonder howthis team would have been had it started the season with Steven Adams. Regardless, the Crusaders finish the campaign as one of the best teams in the land. 
Next Up: Season Complete

10 10 none
4-year traditional
Flower Mound, TX

Record: 39-2
Key Wins: Montrose Christian
Key Losses: Findlay
Results: Beat Fort Bend Travis, 56-52; beat Naaman Forest, 59-34
Weekly Report: Marcus Smart and Phil Forte finish their high school careers as 5A state champs after taking out the Harrison twins in the championship game.  
Next Up: Season Complete

11 11 none
4-year traditional
Santa Ana, CA

Record: 32-2
Key Wins: Bishop Gorman, Lincoln (N.Y.)
Key Losses: Grace Prep, Gill St. Bernard’s
Results: Beat Mission Viejo, 78-66; beat Crescenta Valley, 66-47; beat Loyola, 75-63
Weekly Report: Katin Reinhardt was healthy enough to play and help his team to a playoff win over Loyola last night. He previously injured his thumb, something many thought would keep him out for the season. 
Next Up: 3/17 vs. Bullard

12 12 none
4-year traditional
La Porte, Ind.

Record: 25-2
Key Wins: Findlay
Key Losses: Oak Hill, Elgin
Weekly Report: The Lakers are officially in the ESPN NHSI and have a chance to make one last jump in the rankings. Findlay Prep will be looking for revenge against them. 
Next Up: 3/29-31 at the ESPN National High School Invitational

13 13 none
4-year traditional
Newark, NJ

Record: 31-1
Key Losses: St. Anthony
Results: Beat Mont Clare Academy, 78-53
Weekly Report: The Gray Bees can be the biggest movers in the rankings from now to the end of the season. They are playing in a stacked Alhambra Catholic Invitational field and then will be in the ESPN NHSI at the end of the month. 
Next Up: 3/15 vs. John Carroll

14 14 none
4-year traditional
Rockville, MD

Record: 20-2
Key Losses: Marcus, Coolidge
Weekly Report: The Mustangs, reigning ESPN NHSI champs, are waiting to defend their title late next week. They must take advantage of the extra practice time. 
Next Up: 3/29-31 at ESPN NHSI

15 15 none
4-year traditional
Arlington, TX

Record: 27-4
Key Wins: Prestonwood Christian, Montverde, Mater Dei
Key Losses: Oak Hill, Prestonwood Christian Academy, Trinity Christian, Kimball
Weekly Report: Finishing the season as state champs not only solidifies their position but gives value to Oak Hill's No. 1 spot. If Mater Dei and Montverde do well over the next two weeks, they could even jump up by strength of schedule. 
Next Up: Season Complete

16 16 none
5th year/prep school
New Hampton, NH

Record: 26-9
Key Wins: St. Thomas More, Tilton (2x), Northfield Mount Hermon
Key Losses: St. Thomas More, Brewster (x2), Hargrave, Notre Dame Prep
Weekly Report: It's on to the travel season for sensational sophomores Noah Vonleh and Jared Terrell
Next Up: Season Complete

17 17 none
4-year traditional
Chester, Pa.

Record: 28-0
Results: Beat McCaskey, 86-43
Weekly Report: The Clippers extended their winning streak to 54 with their win over McCaskey. Only thing hurting them is the lack of a ranked team on their schedule. 
Next Up: 3/14 vs. Norristown

18 18 none
4-year traditional
Montverde, FL

Record: 21-3
Key Losses: Grace Prep, Hagerty, Ridgeway
Weekly Report: It seems like Montverde has been practicing forever. Hope they can wipe that rust off before the ESPN NHSI kicks off.
Next Up: 3/29-31 at ESPN NHSI 

19 19 none
5th year/prep school
Tilton, NH

Record: 27-7
Key Wins: Notre Dame Prep, New Hampton, Huntington Prep,
Key Losses: South Kent, New Hampton (2x), Brewster (3x), St. Mark’s, 
Weekly Report: The Rams had a season full of ups and downs, but with the season over, their ranking should stay pretty stable from now on. Now, the focus turns to Nerlens Noel and his recruitment, as he is reportedly down to Georgetown, North Carolina, Kentucky, Syracuse and UConn. 
Next Up: Season Complete

20 20 none
4-year traditional
Milton, Ga

Record: 28-4
Key Wins: Bishop Gorman, Lone Peak
Key Losses: Tift Count
Results: Beat Savannah, 79-67; beat Harrison, 73-52
Weekly Report: Charles Mann was serving a suspension, but that didn't stop the Eagles from earning 5A state title honors. Shaquille Johnson notched 23 points in his finale. 
Next Up: Season Complete

21 21 none
4-year traditional
Las Vegas, NV

Record: 28-4
Key Wins: DeMatha, Whitney Young (2x), Miller Grove
Key Losses: Prestonwood Christian, Mater Dei, Findlay Prep, Milton
Weekly Report: The Gaels were clearly one of the best teams on the West Coast, an assertion proved by their season-ending state title run.
Next Up: Season Complete

22 22 none
4-year traditional
Plano, TX

Record: 27-4
Key Wins: Grace Prep, Bishop Gorman
Key Losses: Grace Prep
Weekly Report: Prestonwood's season is over the but the future is bright for Julius Randle and company. 
Next Up: Season Complete

23 23 none
4-year traditional
Decatur, GA

Record: 31-1
Results: Beat Drew, 65-46; beat Eagle's Landing, 64-50
Weekly Report: The Eagles won their third straight state championship with their win over Drew. Tahj Shamsid-Deen had a game-high 17 points.  
Next Up: Season Complete

24 24 none
4-year traditional
Hyattsville, MD

Record: 27-5
Key Wins: Neumann-Goretti, Gonzaga (x2)
Key Losses: Paul VI (x3), Gonzaga, Bishop Gorman
Weekly Report: The Alhambra Catholic Invitational begins this week, and St. Benedict's, Paul VI and Gonzaga College are all in the field. 
Next Up: 3/15 vs. Benedictine College Prep

25 up
4-year traditional
Maywood, Ill.

Record: 30-0
Results: Beat Aurora West, 62-51; beat Schaumnburg, 78-39
Weekly Report: The Pirates are one of the nation's top undefeated teams and can really make a mark be beating Simeon this weekend in the 4A state championship finals.  
Next Up: 3/16 vs. Auburn

Best of the Rest

Northfield Mount Hermon, St. Thomas More (Oakdale, CT), St. Mark's, St. Augustine (New Orleans, LA), Southwind (Memphis, TN), Priviso East (Maywood, Ill.), Long Beach Poly (Long Beach, Calif.), Dunbar (Dayton, Ohio), Scotlandville (Baton Rouge, La.), Fort Bend Travis (Richmond, TX)

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