17U Power Rankings: Week 3: April 25, 2012

Big Nike, adidas events lead to huge shakeup

It's always tough to come up with a Top 25 after a weekend of EYBL play. Throw in a major adidas event, a Jam Fest and an NY2LA tournament, and things become downright confusing. But once the dust settled, our rankings team sat down and came up with what it believed was the correct order. Some teams might disagree, but we have some good news for them: The summer is just beginning and you can expect more shakeups to come in the very near future.

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1 1 none
Oakland, Calif.

In a week with as much movement as the Five-Star Power Rankings have ever seen, the Oakland Soldiers keep the No. 1 spot afte a flawless EYBL weekend. Their 4-0 run was highlighted by a thriller over BABC to start play last Friday.

2 2 none
Indianapolis, Ind.

Eric Gordon once again eyes that No. 1 ranking after winning a few games at the Nike Spring Showdown. Next up, it's the Jayhawk Invitational in Kansas.

3 6 up
Brampton, Ontario

CIA Bounce comes in at No. 3, but could make a serious argument to be No. 2. They played a brutal EYBL schedule in Minnesota and came away unscathed, with wins over Team Final, Team Takeover and Team Penny.

4 9 up
Chicago, Ill.

Mac Irvin's only blemish in Minnesota was to a solid BABC team. Jabari Parker averaged 16 points per game to lead the way and helped by Sterling Brown, who averaged 12.

5 7 up
Dallas, Texas

The Titans went 3-1 at EYBL, but we might not know how good they really are for a few more weeks. They didn't face the toughest competition in Minnesota, and it looks like their schedule might be even easier this weekend in Virginia.

6 13 up
Chicago, Ill.

Meanstreets continues to storm up the rankings and prove just how much we undervalued them in the preseason. Their latest demonstration? A 31-point rout of Team Penny.

7 21 up
St. Petersburg, Fla.

The Florida Rams are another team that came in vastly underrated, and they proved that out in Vegas at the addias VIP Exclusive Run. The Rams took home title honors after taking down Garner Road in the final.

8 8 none
Raleigh, N.C.

Speaking of Garner Road, they come in just under the Rams. Their title game loss doesn't look as bad when you consider that they beat Dream Vision to get there.

9 4 down
Philadelphia, Pa.

The consensus in Minnesota last week was that Team Final might not be as good as we thought they were. Austin Colbert, Jaren Sina, Davon Reed and Rondae Jefferson are all solid, but we expected better than a 2-2 showing.

10 up
Newark, N.J.

Sports U. went from unranked to top-10, and they earned it. After a few weeks of quietly taking care of business, they went to the Pitt Jam Fest and dominated the Houston Defenders. If they want to keep their high ranking though, they might have to do it again this weekend at Real Deal in the Rock.

11 5 down
Winston-Salem, N.C.

CP3 is another club that struggled in Minnesota.Theo Pinson averaged 16 points, but as a team, they had problems rebounding and shooting from distance.

12 3 down
Houston, Texas

It might seem a bit harsh to drop the Defenders this far after losing in Pittsburgh, but they certainly did not look good in that loss to Sports U. Fortunately for them though, there is still plenty of time to prove us wrong.

13 up
Houston Hoops
Houston, Texas

You have to reward the teams that go unbeaten in an EYBL session, and that is exactly what Houston Hoops did. Their only signature win was against the previously ranked Playaz Basketball Club, so we'll see exactly how good this Houston club is when they go to Virginia this weekend.

14 up
Each 1 Teach 1

Each 1 Teach 1 falls into that same category as Houston Hoops. Florida's newest team to join our Power Rankings features Montverde's Dakari Johnson.

15 17 up
Las Vegas, Nev.

It's still a little weird to see Dream Vision play without Shabazz Muhammed, and they will have to create their own identity if they are to keep rising in the Power Rankings.

16 up
Kingdom Hoops

If you've never heard of Kingdom Hoops, that's about to change. Last week at NY2LA, they beat Wisconsin Swing and KC Run GMC (both were ranked last week), as well as Terry Porter Elite, a watchlist team.

17 up
California Supreme
Los Angeles, Calif.

Yes, you can argue that California Supreme's unbeaten weekend at EYBL is a big misleading — they didn't beat any ranked teams. But look at those final scores. Their closest game was an 18-point blowout of the Jackson Tigers. Supreme was led by Santa Monica's Jordan Matthews.

18 up
Illinois Wolves

We've been hearing about the Illinois Wolves for a few weeks now, and last weekend we found out why. They lost by just one to No. 2 Eric Gordon and feature Purdue commit Kendall Stephens.

19 16 down
Boston, Mass.

BABC missed out on a golden opportunity to beat the best team in the country on Friday, but rebounded nicely by defeating Mac Irvin Fire and Nike Team Florida. The 19-point loss to ICP Elite hurts, though.

20 up
Albany, N.Y.

The City Rocks earned their ranking by going 4-0 in Minnesota, highlighted by a win over the Long Island Lightning that leaves them as the highest-ranked team in the state of New York. 

21 up
New York, N.Y.

The City Rocks might be the highest-ranked New York team, but New Heights is right on their heels. Word coming out of Vegas is that they might be one of the best addias clubs on the circuit.

22 11 down
Washington, D.C.
23 12 down
Hampton, Va.

It was a tough weekend for Team Takeover and they will probably finish up higher than where they are now. Unfortunately though, we have to penalize them for their three losses, even if they were to CIA Bounce, Meanstreets and CP3 All-Stars.

24 22 down
Columbus, Ohio

We said last week that the loser of the All-Ohio/Playaz matchup might fall out of the rankings. In fact, the opposite happened. All-Ohio's two-point loss to the Playaz was their only blemish, leaving them clinging to a spot in the Top 25.

25 up

Our last newcomer to the Power Rankings this week joins the club after beating previously-ranked D.C. Assault. It will take more wins like that however, for OBC to stay ranked.

Best of the Rest

Team Penny, Compton Magic, Long Island Lightning, New Rens, Nike Baltimore Elite, Playaz Basketball Club, D12 Warriors, Wisconsin Swing, D.C. Assault

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