16U Power Rankings: Week 3: April 25, 2012

With impressive showing at Spring Showcase, Titans are new No. 1

The Texas Titans 17U team might be its best known club, but the 16s aren't so bad themselves. A win over Houston Hoops, coupled with a loss by Team Takeover made the Titans the new No. 1 team in the land this week. Other major changes came when the St. Louis Eagles dropped a pair of games, the Florida Rams and Team Loaded came out of nowhere and Southern Stampede pushed their way back into the Power Rankings.

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1 3 up
Dallas, Texas

Congratulations to the Texas Titans...for now. They beat CIA Bounce and Houston Hoops at the Nike Spring Showcase last weekend, but will have to play in Virginia coming up if they want to keep that No. 1 ranking.

2 1 down
Washington, D.C.

Takeover lost in the semis at Big Shots Baltimore, but they were playing up with the 17s, so we can't knock them too much. They'll be back with their own age group this weekend.

3 5 up
Houston, Tex.

Houston Hoops inches up to No. 3, despite a tough loss to the Titans. Their wins came against Howard Pulley White, OSA Crusaders, AIA Jensen and California Supreme.

4 9 up
Las Vegas, Nev.

The Las Vegas Prospects were in a completely different class than their opponents at the Pangos Spring Spectacular. After blowing out Cali Style, they withstood a test from Utah Hoops to win the championship and jump in the rankings.

5 10 up
Boston, Mass.

BABC stayed home and, like always, dismantled local competition at the NEAAU Super Regional. Clearly, they are still riding high after a successful trip overseas.

6 7 up

Like Team Takeover, the Playaz played up with the 17s at Big Shots Baltimore. They benefit, however, from teams that were previously above them losing.

7 11 up
Chicago, Ill.

Played one game this weekend, which they won 74-14. Look for the Fire and star 2015 guard Marcus Lovett to be tested this weekend in a tough field at Boo Williams.

8 up
Team Loaded
Richmond, Va.

How do you go from unranked to top 10? Easy. Just win a major tournament (in Loaded's case, the Pitt Jam Fest) and knock off a highly ranked team while doing so (Sports U.). 

9 17 up
Kansas City, Mo.

MoKan Elite was a middle-tier ranked team going into last weekend, and they made a statement at the IM Bball Showcase in Minnesota. They move up eight spots after dismantling the St. Louis Eagles in the title game.

10 15 up
Milwaukee, Wisc.

Ray Allen Select rebounded nicely from a pool play loss at the NY2LA Spring Extravaganza to come back and win the championship. Riley Lachance and Co. beat KC Run GMC and Wisconsin Swing in the process.

11 4 down
Newark, N.J.

Sports U. had a good run in Pittsburgh but fell in the title game to Team Loaded. They wouldn't have dropped so far had they been able to pick up a signature win in the process.

12 2 down
Las Vegas, Nev.

After a few weeks at No. 2, Dream Vision fell down to Earth in Vegas where they were bounced in the first round by the Atlanta Celtics, then turned around and quickly lost to the New England Playaz. You could make the argument that they should have dropped more, but we have faith in the group from Nevada.

13 18 up
Team United

The Big Shots Clemson field wasn't exactly the toughest, but give credit where credit is due — Team United took care of business and should be rewarded.

14 6 down
St. Louis, Mo.

It's been a roller coaster ride through the rankings for the St. Louis Eagles so far, and this week they end up dipping a bit after a loss to MoKan Elite in Minnesota.

15 8 down
New York, N.Y.

If Team SCAN had won the Hall of Fame New England Championship, they could have made the case for a top-five ranking. Instead, they lost to the uranked B.C. Eagles and drop a bit.

16 14 down
Columbus, Ohio

All-Ohio Red joins the group of 16U teams that played with the 17s in Baltimore. Like the Playaz, they also advanced to the semifinals.

17 up
Southern Stampede
Atlanta, Ga.

When you win five games against teams in a higher age group, you have to come back into the rankings, and that is exactly what Southern Stampede did at King James Southern Exposure. Maybe we were too quick to drop them out before...

18 up
Florida Elite
St. Petersburg, Fla.

The Florida Rams 16s were just as impressive as their 17s at the adidas VIP Exclusive Run. They won it all and defeated indiana Elite in the title game.

19 23 up
Bloomington, Ind.

After knocking off the Louisville Magic to advance to the championship game at adidas, you have to wonder what could have been if they had beaten the Florida Rams.

20 13 down
Minneapolis, Minn.

Minnesota Pump N' Run played in the Best Buy Spring tournament and lost to a good IBA Muscle Milk Select squad. We'll see what they can do in Denver this weekend.

21 16 down
Chicago, Ill.

Meanstreets came close to winning the Nike Spring Showdown, but a loss to the Eric Gordon All-Stars derailed their chance to move up.

22 12 down
Dallas, Texas

Their loss to Heat Elite at Next Level Nationals didn't look so good, but you never know. We'll keep an eye on Heat Elte, and if they end up proving themselves over the next few weeks, then Team Texas Elite might benefit with a higher strength of schedule.

23 22 down
Little Rock, Ark.

Their 16s and 17s combined to play at the Best Buy event in Minnesota and went 4-0 before having to leave early.

24 19 down
Oakland Soldiers
Oakland, Calif.

The Soldiers lost to the Arizona Magic at the Double Pump Hoopfest, and we are still trying to figure out how good they really are.

25 up

The Louisville Mgaic just barely stay ranked after falling to Indiana Elite in Las Vegas. They should come out and play with a purpose at Real Deal in the Rock.

Best of the Rest

IBA Muscle Milk Select, KC Run GMC, Forest City Heat, CP3 All-Stars, CIA Bounce, Worldwide, Arizona Magic, Eric Gordon All-Stars, Heat Elite

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