15U Power Rankings: Week 3: April 25, 2012

New No. 1 comes from New York

Team SCAN dominated a tournament in the northeast this weekend and have been rewarded with the top spot in the rankings. But they aren't the only team to find a new home in the top 10. The entire Indiana Elite program put on a show this weekend in Las Vegas and their 15U team finds itself with a pretty good spot as well.

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Rank Prev Team Comments
1 5 up
Bronx, N.Y.

Team SCAN stormed through the Hall of Fame New England Championship until the title game when they were matched up with their own 14U team. That match was called and SCAN escaped the tournament unscathed.

2 1 down
Columbia, S.C.

The Columbia Slammers played up with the 16s at King James Southern Exposure and went 3-1. Not bad, considering they were without starting point guard Emarius Logan.

3 3 none
Washington, D.C.

Team Takeover also played with the 16s and represented the program pretty well at Big Shots Baltimore. They eventually fell to 6th Man 16U.

4 up
Indianapolis, Ind.

After seeing them tear through the field at the adidas VIP Exclusive Run in Las Vegas, it's hard to fathom how everyone could have overlooked them. Dream Vision and the Compton Magic 14s and 15s were just a few of their victims.

5 4 down
California Supreme
Los Angeles, Calif.

California Supreme continues to hang around in the middle of the rankings and program director Gary Franklin is quite impressed with them. He made sure to let us know that most of the players on the squad are just eighth graders.

6 2 down
Compton, Calif.

With the chance to maybe even capture the No. 1 ranking, the Compton Magic fell short out in Vegas. They lost to Dream Vision and eventual champion Indiana Elite. Those are two respectable losses, so they don't drop too far.

7 up
New York, N.Y.

The City enters the Five-Star Power Rankings for the first time in program history after taking the Pitt Jam Fest 15U tournament. The defeated the Houston Defenders in the title game.

8 6 down
Las Vegas, Nev.

Dream Vision also dropped this week, but Indiana Elite was their only blemish at the adidas VIP Exclusive Run. A win over the Compton Magic certainly helps.

9 7 down
West Hempstead, N.Y.

Another victim of Big Shots Baltimore, the Lightning lost to Boo Williams, and therefore has to fall a little bit in our rankings.

10 8 down
Houston, Texas

Houston Hoops takes the last spot in the top 10 after playing with the 16s at Next Level Nationals in Dallas and losing to the Oklahoma Explosion.

Best of the Rest

Boo Williams, Team BOLT, Wisconsin Playground Elite

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