16U Power Rankings: Week 4: May 2, 2012

Boo Williams leads to huge shakeup

With teams falling left and right at the Boo Williams tournament, no clear No. 1 team was able to ermerge. But there was one that proved a little more than the rest. Team SCAN suffered a loss in pool play, then came back to beat four ranked teams, including last week's No. 1 and No. 3. Meanwwhile at the bottom of the rankings, we welcome a few newcomers who are ready to make that push to the top of the poll.

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1 15 up
New York, N.Y.

It was a tough call, but SCAN proved a lot last weekend at Boo Williams. They knocked off CIA Bounce, the Texas Titans (last week's No. 1), Houston Hoops, CP3 All-Stars and Team Texas Elite.

2 1 down
Dallas, Texas

The Titans drop down to the two spot, with SCAN being their only loss at Boo Williams. Wins over Southern Stampede, St. Louis Eagles and All-Ohio Red help their case.

3 2 down
Washington, D.C.

Takeover also lost just once at Boo Williams, and thanks to other teams losing around them, they don't fall too far.

4 9 up
Kansas City, Mo.

MoKan Elite continues to show why it is worthy of a top-ten ranking. They won the Battle for the Arch to add to their already lengthy list of accolades.

5 5 none
Boston, Mass.

BABC had nothing on the schedule, so they stay put with other teams shifting around them.

6 4 down
Las Vegas, Nev.

The Prospects likely would have sealed that No. 1 ranking had they won the Philly Jam Fest. Instead, a loss to D.C. Assault in the title game ended that hope.

7 14 up
St. Louis, Mo.

Their loss to the Texas Titans is nothing to be ashamed of, and the Eagles also boast a win over the Mac Irvin Fire.

8 6 down

The Playaz took care of business at Boo Williams, suffering just one setback at the hands of CIA Bounce.

9 19 up
Bloomington, Ind.

Indiana Elite responded well after an early loss at the adidas Spring Classic to come back and win the silver bracket.

10 10 none
Milwaukee, Wisc.

Everyone wanted to see Ray Allen Select battle Indiana Elite at the adidas Spring Classic, but Ray Allen lost to Indy Ice before that could happen.

11 8 down
Team Loaded
Richmond, Va.

Despite playing pretty well at Bob Gibbons, they couldn't come away with the championship. That honor instead goes to the Eric Gordon All-Stars. More on them below.

12 12 none
Las Vegas, Nev.

Similarly to BABC, Dream Vision retains their #12 ranking.

13 3 down
Houston, Tex.

Houston Hoops was No. 3 last week and the loss to Team SCAN isn't so bad. It was the one to the City Rocks that really hurts.

14 16 up
Columbus, Ohio

All-Ohio Red lost to two ranked teams, but also beat Meanstreets. Let's see what happens with this group going forward.

15 up
Memphis, Tenn.

Coming in at No. 15, Team Thad won the Platinum II bracket at Real Deal and will look to move up next week.

16 up
Atlanta, Ga.

Picking up a signature win over No. 19 Sports U. in pool play at Real Deal, the Celtics come in at 16 this week.

17 17 none
Southern Stampede
Atlanta, Ga.

Southern Stampede is another good team that had some problems at Boo Williams. With losses to the Texas Titans and Team Takeover, the Stampede were able to knock off Mac Irvin.

18 7 down
Chicago, Ill.

The Fire lost to two teams ranked below them last week (St. Louis Eagles and Southern Stampede), so they have to drop a bit.

19 11 down
Newark, N.J.

Sports U. lost to the Atlanta Celtics at Real Deal but still have an impressive body of work on the season.

20 up
Washington, D.C.

D.C. Assault won the Philly Jam Fest by knocking off the Las Vegas Prospects in the championship game. That's a pretty good way to get back in the rankings.

21 up
CIA Bounce
Ontario, Canada

Bounce returns as well after defeating a very good Playaz Basketball Club squad at Boo Williams.

22 up
Eric Gordon All-Stars
Indianapolis, Ind.

With their 17s having a firm grasp on a high position in their poll, the Eric Gordon 16s join the party this week after winning Bob Gibbons.

23 21 down
Chicago, Ill.

A mediocre weekend for Meanstreets leaves them clinging to a spot in the Power Rankings.

24 13 down
Team United

That win over All-Ohio Red is probably all that keeps them in the rankings this week.

25 18 down
Florida Elite
St. Petersburg, Fla.

The Rams drop 7 spots to round out the Top 25, after a weekend without any note-worthy victories and a loss to the Celtics.

Best of the Rest

Team Texas Elite, Oakland Soldiers, Louisville Magic, IBA Muscle Milk Select, KC Run GMC, Arizona Magic, Heat Elite, Forest City Heat

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