16U Power Rankings: Week 5: May 9, 2012

SCAN still at No. 1

Last week it was Real Deal and Bob Gibbons, while next week it's the Next Level Showcase in Dallas. This week, however, was relatively quiet. While that means there wasn't much movement, it also means that those who did choose to play were able to push past some teams who chose to stay home.

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Rank Prev Team Comments
1 1 none
New York, N.Y.

A week after making a huge jump in the rankings, Team SCAN stays at No. 1. 

2 2 none
Dallas, Texas

The Titans have been near the top all year and after a week off, they remain in the second spot.

3 3 none
Washington, D.C.

Takeover will be off this weekend, but will look to win the Southern Jam Fest May 18-20

4 4 none
Kansas City, Mo.

MoKan Elite will be in Dallas this weekend with some of the nation's best teams.

5 5 none
Boston, Mass.

BABC stayed local and won a couple games. They won't face any ranked competition until Rumble in the Bronx in June.

6 6 none
Las Vegas, Nev.

The Prospects will be in Los Angeles this weekend where they will look to take the Spring Explosion.

7 7 none
St. Louis, Mo.

Like MoKan, the Eagles will be in Dallas this weekend.

8 8 none

The Playaz were off this week but they can move up in the rankings with a strong weekend in Dallas.

9 10 up
Milwaukee, Wisc.

While most teams did not play, Ray Allen Select played up in a local tournament and won a championship against overmatched competition.

10 11 up
Team Loaded
Richmond, Va.

Team Loaded rounds out the top 10 after taking the week off.

11 12 up
Las Vegas, Nev.

None of Dream Vision's teams were in action this week, but the 16s wlll play at the EBO Showdown on May 18-20.

12 13 up
Houston, Tex.

Houston Hoops won't have to travel far when they make the trip to Dallas this weekend to play some of the best teams in the country.

13 17 up
Southern Stampede
Atlanta, Ga.

Most teams did not play this week. Southern Stampede, however, played its second straight week against 17U competition and again won a championship — this time at the Columbia Slammers' event. You have to reward that.

14 9 down
Bloomington, Ind.

After an early loss at the Spiece Run N Slam, Indiana Elite takes a bit of a hit.

15 14 down
Columbus, Ohio

Key Win: Mac Irvin Fire
Key Loss: Louisville Magic 

It was a great effort from All-Ohio Red at Spiece Run N Slam, but it was cut short by a loss to the Louisville Magic. They did, however, beat Mac Irvin Fire, so all is not lost.

16 15 down
Memphis, Tenn.

Team Thad did not play this week but will send a few teams to Wallace Prather this weekend.

17 16 down
Atlanta, Ga.

The Celtics cracked the rankings last week and stay in them after taking the week off.

18 19 up
Newark, N.J.

Sports U. will need to perform well at the Southern Jam Fest next weekend to make up for a loss at Real Deal.

19 20 up
Washington, D.C.

Next up for D.C. Assault is the Southern Jam Fest.

20 21 up
CIA Bounce
Ontario, Canada

CIA Bounce entered the rankings last week but still have a long way to go before they can join their 17U team at the top.

21 up

Key Win: All-Ohio Red

The Magic are back in the rankings after beating All-Ohio Red for the Spiece Run N Slam championship. This time, they hope to stay.

22 18 down
Chicago, Ill.

Key Win: Eric Gordon All-Stars
Key Loss: All-Ohio Red 

Mac Irvin lost to All-Ohio Red at Spiece, but they did pick up a quality win by taking down the Eric Gordon All-Stars.

23 24 up
Team United

United was also off this week but they have proven themselves with a tough strength of schedule.

24 25 up
Florida Elite
St. Petersburg, Fla.

An off week from just about everyone keeps the Rams clinging to a spot in the Power Rankings.

25 22 down
Eric Gordon All-Stars
Indianapolis, Ind.

Key Loss: Mac Irvin Fire

Eric Gordon drops a bit for losing to the Mac Irvin Fire, but Mac Irvin is a good team, so we won't penalize them too much.

Best of the Rest

Meanstreets, Team Texas Elite, Oakland Soldiers, IBA Muscle Milk Select, KC Run GMC, Arizona Magic, Heat Elite, Forest City Heat

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