17U Power Rankings: Week 5: May 9, 2012

Michigan Mustangs make first appearance

Enjoy the slow week in the rankings while it lasts — another EYBL weekend is coming up on Friday. But for now, Spiece Run N Slam dominated the movement in our Power Rankings with the Michigan Mustangs making their debut in the top 25.

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Rank Prev Team Comments
1 1 none
Brampton, Ontario

For the second week in a row, the team from Canada is No. 1. They'l face former No. 1 Oakland Soldiers this weekend at EYBL Dallas.

2 2 none
Dallas, Texas

This will be a tough EYBL weekend for the Titans. They get California Supreme, All-Ohio Red, Team Final, BABC and the Long Island Lightning

3 3 none
Chicago, Ill.

Like teams 1 and 2, Meanstreets was off this week but will get a challenge this weekend in Texas. 

4 4 none
Indianapolis, Ind.

After slipping a bit last week, Eric Gordon All-Stars will look to get back on the right track this weekend at the adidas May Classic.

5 5 none
Las Vegas, Nev.

It was a quiet weekend out west for Dream Vision as they round out the top five.

6 7 up
California Supreme
Los Angeles, Calif.

Cali Supreme didn't play, but they picked up a huge addition this week. Nigel Williams Goss will join them this weekend in Dallas.

7 8 up
Oakland, Calif.

The Soldiers are no longer the top team in the country, due in large part to loss of Aaron Gordon. We'll see if they can make up for it this weekend in Dallas.

8 9 up
Washington, D.C.

DC Assault won't play again until the Southern Jam Fest in Virginia later this month.

9 10 up
Newark, N.J.

Sports U. won't lace them up again until the Southern Jam Fest next weekend down in Hampton.

10 6 down
Columbus, Ohio

Key Loss: The Family

All-Ohio Red drops a bit after a loss to The Family at the Spiece Run N Slam, but a few good wins at EYBL this weekend could bring them right back into top five discussion.

11 14 up
Each 1 Teach 1

Each 1 Teach 1 won a local tournament in Florida and should be rewarded while most other teams did not play.

12 12 none
St. Petersburg, Fla.

The Rams should come into Wallace Prather this weekend as one of the favorites.

13 13 none
Raleigh, N.C.

Garner Road is off until the Southern Jam Fest in a couple weeks. A matchup with D.C. Assault would be fun to see.

14 15 up
Houston, Texas

The Defenders will get another shot at Sports U. this weekend at the Hoop Group Jam Fest in New Jersey.

15 16 up
Arkansas Wings

The Wings will get a chance to make a statement early on at EYBL this weekend when they take on California Supreme on Friday night.

16 17 up
Team United

Team United has a lighter schedule in Dallas this weekend. Aside from All-Ohio Red, they will not face a ranked team.

17 up
Michigan Mustangs

Key Wins: Wisconsin Swing, Illinois Wolves

The Mustangs finally crack the power rankings by winning the championship at the Spiece Run N Slam. They defeated Wisconsin Swing and the Illinois Wolves along the way.

18 11 down
Illinois Wolves

Key Loss: Michigan Mustangs

The Wolves fall a few spots for their loss to the Mustangs at Spiece, but they stay in the top 20 with a solid body of work so far this season.

19 20 up
Houston Hoops
Houston, Texas

The next four teams in our polls will all be at EYBL this weekend. Houston Hoops will need to win some games to keep pace.

20 21 up
Philadelphia, Pa.

After starting the season ranked near the top, Team Final has fallen a long way this year. A win against the Texas Titans could help them move back up.

21 22 up
Winston-Salem, N.C.

CP3 can also move back up with a strong weekend in Dallas. A win over California Supreme would certainly help things.

22 18 down
Chicago, Ill.

Key Loss: OBC

Mac Irvin lost to a solid OBC team at Spiece, so they stay in our top 25. OBC would probably be ranked this week if they didn't immediately drop their next game.

23 23 none
Nashville, Tenn.

Team Nashville makes its second straight appearance in our Power Rankings. They'll be at Wallace Prather this weekend.

24 24 none
Memphis, Tenn.

M33M was off this week, but they looked really impressive at Real Deal last week.

25 25 none

Upward Stars was also off, but they stay in the rankings at the No. 25 spot.


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