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Welcome to the official home page of the Maryland Invitational Tournament, known in the youth basketball world simply as "MIT". Founded in 1994 by Gary Pinkney. MIT has grown to become one of the nation's most competitive national youth tournaments. June 2012 MIT included over 440 boys teams from 23 states.



June 2012 MIT Tournament Championship Results

8u/2nd Grade Division

George Hill Rising Stars/G3 (IN) 41

Maryland's Finest (PV) 25


9u/3rd Grade Division

Team Takeover (PV) 24

Team Glory (PV) 22


10u/4th Grade Division


Gold Bracket

AIA (NC) 15

Leesburg Basketball Club (VA) 0


Silver Bracket

George Hill Rising Stars/G3 (IN) 56

Rip City (PA) 32


11u/5th Grade Division


Gold Bracket

All Ohio Red (OH) 45

SC Hornets (SC) 40


Silver Bracket

New Rens (NY) 38

Playtime Panthers (NJ) 36


Bronze Bracket

South Piedmont Heat (NC) 26

Fairfax Stars (PV) 25


12u/6th Grade Division


Gold Division

DC Assault (PV) 42

GA United (GA) 27


Silver Bracket

ECE (DE) 37

Playtime Panthers (NJ) 28


Bronze Bracket

Ring City (NJ) 15

Alexandria Titans  (PV) 0




13u/7th Grade Division


Gold Bracket

Rockafellas (GA) 60

Team Final - Hildago (NJ) 44


Silver Bracket

Atlanta Celtics (GA) 67

Team Izod (NJ) 50


Bronze Bracket

NY Dream Team (NY) 68

Beacon House Falcons (PV) 53


14u/8th Grade Division


Gold Bracket

DC Assault (PV) 73

KSK (NJ) 67


Silver Bracket

Connecticut Elite (CT) 83

We R 1 (DE) 73


Bronze Bracket

WPC Elite (MD) 61

VBC (MA) 60


15u/9th Grade Division

Crusader Nation (MD) 65

Pump N Run (PA) 59


16u/10th Grade Division

Pittsburgh Impact (PA) 85

Sixth Man Warriors (PV) 73


17u/11th Grade Division

Maryland's Finest (PV) 78

Fairfax Stars (PV) 76







What is MIT?


MIT is a three-day, competitive youth national basketball tournament for boys with a minimum of three scheduled games. Single-elimination bracket play will determine the teams to be awarded the prestigious MIT championship crown.



When does MIT take place?


June 8-10, 2012 (Established in 1994). 2nd Grade - 11th Grade Boys

*****All teams are subject to play Friday night

Registration Deadline is June 1, 2012 OR UNTIL TOURNAMENT IS SOLD OUT

2nd - 8th Grade Boys - $387 per team

9th - 11th Grade Boys - $465 per team

**Registration Fees are non-refundable


Where does MIT take place?


MIT takes place in the Washington, DC area at various facilities throughout Montgomery, Prince George's, and Fairfax Counties and Washington DC.


The MIT staff is committed to ensuring that the unique needs of every coach, parent and student-athlete is satisfied. For information on MIT, please contact Gary Pinkney at  gpinkney@mithoops.org or Afiba Dia Fairnot at afairnot@mithoops.org.



What is the Admission Fee for MIT?



Adult - $10.00

Children - $5.00 (ages 5 - 9)

Under 5 - Free


Adult - $20.00

Children - $10.00 (ages 5 - 9)

Under 5 - Free