Coach "T" Classic 2013 Basketball Tournament
                                                                      Dates: March 22nd-24th 2012
                                                                 Main Site:St.Louis Sportscenter

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Welcome to the official home page of the Coach “T” Classic. Founded in 2007 by Terrell Lewis (Coach “T”). Coach “T” Classic has grown to become one of the nation's most premier national youth tournaments. March 2011 Coach “T” Classic included almost 200 boys and girls teams from Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Texas, Kentucky & Georgia.



What is Coach “T” Classic?


Coach “T” Classic is a three-day, competitive youth national basketball tournament for girls & boys with a minimum of three scheduled games for girls and mimimum four scheduled games for boys. Single-elimination bracket play will determine the teams to be awarded the illustrious Coach “T” Classic championship crown.



When does Coach “T” Classic take place?


March 23 - 25, 2012 (Established in 2007). 4th Grade – 11th Grade Girls & 1st Grade – 11th Grade Boys



As of March 15, 2012 only online registration will be accepted as payment fot the 2012 coach "T" classic

Registration/Payment Deadline by Cashier Check or Money Order is March 14, 2012 

Send a Cashier’s Check or Money Order to;

Coach T Classic
P.O. Box 32802
Olivette, MO, 63132


Online Registration/Payment Deadline is March 16, 2012


1st and 2nd Grade Boys Teams - $300 per Team

Girls Teams - $325


Other Divisions

1 Team - $375 per Team

2 Teams - $350 per Team

3 Teams - $325 per Team

4 Teams - $300 per Team

5 OR More Teams - $275 per Team


*In order to receive a CLUB DISCOUNT, all teams fees must be included in one payment




Where does Coach “T” Classic take place?


Coach “T” Classic takes place in St. Louis, Missouri at various facilities.


The Coach “T” Classic staff is committed to ensuring that the unique needs of every coach, parent and student-athlete is satisfied. For information on Coach “T” Classic, please contact Terrell Lewis at 314.323.9997 or